NeuroLink Pro
Self-Assessment saves you time and  helps you quickly link a Client's Symptoms to Networks in their Brain. NeuroGuide Neurofeedback users can easily import their Clien's NeuroLink Pro results so they can target the most severe network(s). One can view the NeuroLink Pro session history to assess the quality of the Client's treatment. Learn More
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The purpose of NeuroLink Pro and NeuroLinkQ is increased efficiency, reduced time for assessment and increased accuracy of linking symptoms to the Client's brain. The goal is to facilitate the assessment of symptom severity and then to import the severity index into NeuroGuide in order to design a Neurofeedback protocol targeted to the dysregulated network nodes and connections linked to the Client's symptoms. Another goal of NeuroLink Pro is to efficiently compare changes in symptoms over sessions of treatment and give feedback to the clinician to adjust the Neurofeedback protocol.


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NeuroLinks Options
image Use NeuroLink as a standalone addition to your practice or Easily import a Patient's NeuroLink results into any of NeuroGuide's Neurofeedback Add-on: Surface Z_Score NFB, LORETA Z_Score NFB, swLORETA Z_Score NFB, Cross-Frequency Surface Z_Score NFB, BrainSurfer.
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image We are all about empowering Clinicians to have more time to help Clients. NeuroLink Pro, the NeuroLinkQ Smartphone App for Android & iPhone and/or our NeuroGuide Neurofeedback software specalizes in Linking Symptoms to the Disregulated Networks in the Brain.