About Us:

Applied Neuroscience, Inc. (ANI) is a software company that specilizes in linking Patients' Symptoms to Networks in the Brain. Wether you use our NeuroLink and/or our Neuroguide software it is important to target the Networks in the Patient's Brain so one can being to help the Patient feel better. ANI also provides Conventional and QEEG Clinical Report Services as well as reasonably priced Workshops that can be an asset to any Clinician. You will find many comprehensive educational Videos regarding NeuroGuide Tools for Assessment, Clinic Report Writing and Neurofeedback via our Free Webinar Series.



ANI's latest software development is sure to help a wide range of Clinician's link their Paitents' symptoms and/or complaints to the various Networks in the brain. After the Patient has answered a series of questions, the Clinician can view the results of the Assesment on the Monitor, Print and/or Save the Bar Graph to the Paitent's folder. Another useful feature is once the Patient has completes two or more Assesments, the Clinician can View, Print and/or Save the Patients Assesment History to see the progress, if any, the Patient's Treatments may have achieved.

If the Clinician, is a NeuroGuide Neurofeedback provider as well, he/she can easily import the results of the Patient's NeuroLink Assement prior to begining the Neurofeedback session to quickly choose which Network to train.



ANI has been developing and marketing state of the art Conventional EEG, qEEG and Neurofeedback software for clinical and research purposes since 2001. NeuroGuide offers conventional EEG and quantitative EEG simultaneously on the same screen at the same time. Visual examination of the EEG tracings is augmented by artifact removal, Joint-Time-Frequency-Analyses (JTFA), power spectral analyses and One can easily change references and montages with a mouse click. In addition, NeuroGuide offers immediate and dynamic comparisons to reference normative databases, discriminant fuctions, multivariate predictions of neuropsychological test performance, LORETA 3-dimensional source analyses and an Automatic Clinic Report Writer.

Neuroguide also offers the seamless integration of qEEG assessment and EEG Neurofeedback and/or Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) treatment applications. NeuroGuide offers the Clinician methods to seamlessly link patient's symptoms to unstable hubs and modules of functional networks in the brain, to design a NFB and/or BCI treatment protocol. Intra and Inter-session progress charts provide immediate feedback to clinicians to maximally stabilize deregulated networks linked to symptoms. Helping the Clinician achieve good clinical outcomes with fewer sessions is the goal.
You will find many comprehensive educational videos regarding NeuroGuide Tools for Assessment, Neurofeedback and Clinic Report Writing via our Free Webinar Series.