NeuroLink Saves Time:


Here are some of the ways that any Clinician Using NeuroLink Can Save Time:


  • Reduces the time necessary for a Clinician to repeatedly sit down and discuss a long list of various Symptom/Complaint with the Patient/Client. Now the Clinician can view the Self-Assessment Results and discuss the significant Symptoms/Complaints.

  • Provides an easy to read Self-Assessment with Bar Graphs.

  • No need to spend time creating a Patient/Client's symptom history after treatment - let NeuroLink do it for you.

  • Saves time by efficient plotting the changes in Patient/Client's symptoms over sessions.

  • Saves time by instantly knowing which symptoms are improving and which are not.

  • Saves time by viewing changes in symptoms using a Radar Map of symptom change.


Quickly assess symptom severity in patients/clients with different categories of symptoms and then link symptom severity to brain networks with a few mouse clicks:
  • Evaluate patients/clients that have not received a diagnosis or if a diagnosis has been rendered then evaluate co-morbidies and the severity of symptoms related to the diagnosis.

  • Evaluate symptom severity in children, adolescents and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder symptoms and then link symptom severity to different brain networks.

  • Evaluate symptom severity in adults with suspected early dementia and then link symptom severity to different brain networks..

Here are some of the ways that a Clinician Using NeuroGuide along with NeuroLink Can Save Even More Time:

  • Reduces the time necessary for the clinician to fill out the Symptom Check List inside of NeuroGuide.

  • Saves time by importing the Patient/Client's Self-Assessment Symptom Index Results into NeuroGuide and then immediately creating a Neurofeedback Protocol for that patient/client on that day.

  • Saves time in linking a Patient/Client's symptoms to dysregulation in Brodmann areas' nodes and connections between nodes using NeuroGuide.


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